Methodists Reject Gay Bishop

Churches are conflicted, and the people who are a part of what is organized religion are conflicted.

Sanctuary is no light thing. It has a gravitas the secular world has to deal with even at and especially at the levels the movers and the shakers want to function in. They can either join the real world or they are simply mitigated cluster fucks.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about your church or your god.

I want to get undocumented boys who once worked as laborers in agriculture but figured out the money was better in sex work if they played it right. There is always a tension between the trick and the boy on a good day. On a bad day, the trick pulls rank. He makes it perfectly clear the kid can be deported at any time. The trick now has the boy to himself. The kid isn’t any more human to the trick than a wrist watch.

To get the kid off the street is what seriously interferes with human trafficking. Risk reduction. It’s never perfect. But it can prevent grievous and life-threatening damage to the kid. The kind of damage that cannot be erased. Those of us who live in The Life understand that violence bursts it’s way through a door as easily as an iceberg melts away into nothing we know about. All we know is that landscapes are at risk.

There are some kids worth fighting for. You learn to pick your battles. An edgy one is the one that writes about all of this — so it might make a statement as to the reality this can be done. Whether you believe it or not. You are not the point. They are. What investment do I have that would give you that censorious power. To approve or not approve. You have removed yourselves from awareness. You have removed yourselves from any solutions as to how to manage immigration and you have turned your backs on families who work hard, and who do the very work you do not want to do, and you know it. Love the dress butcher purse is on fire, bitch.

Small meaningless voices hammered on the wind.

No one gives a fuck.

I am glad, and I am conflicted too.

I am really doing this so the two different camps of boys, the undocumented boys doing sex work, and the American boys doing sex work, can meet on neutral ground. I knew relationships would ensue.

The telling of this story is poetry, video, dance, photography, blogging, and coloring books.

Do this for love or go home.