Young Boys as Sex Slaves

I can only tell you what I know. I cannot tell you what I do not know.

Cholera and measles have hit the Syrian refugee camps.

Disease is bad for business.

You cannot deliver a corpse to the men in the UAE who buy boys for sex. Especially if each boy is selling for a hundred thousand dollars per kid.

That is a lot of money in Syria.

It’s a lot of money anywhere. But in Syria, it’s an amount very few people can even comprehend.

I use the term SYRIA when, in fact, refugee camps are everywhere in this war-torn part of the world.

It has taken a while for the stories of the Mediterranean, and the people who have lost their lives taking that route, to make it back to the camps.

It is hard for the traffickers to control the stories.

Not everyone makes it out on a boat.

There is a back door. There is always a back door.

The route is strange.

But it makes sense if you are misrepresenting the boys as Tajik. Tajik boys are in high demand. Apparently, they are the best dancers.

No one knows how many unaccompanied minors are in the camps. The United Nations’ estimates of 15,000 is roundly laughed at.

15,000 kids lost among nine million displaced people, is obscenely low.

It’s about to get worse.

One word: Mosol.

Now, the UN is saying that if there is an imminent invasion, which there is, a minimum of another million displaced people will hit the streets.

Political instability is the perfect environment for traffickers to work in.

From Deir ez-zor, we travel to Dushanbe.

The United Arab Emirates banned the Russian AN-12 from flying over their airspace.

The UAE claims the airplane isn’t safe.

It isn’t safe.

The real reason the AN-12 is banned is because everyone who has come into contact with the monsters in this business, understands that the plane is a cattle car.

It was beginning to become way too obvious. The Russian AN-12 was a victim of its own success.

It is particularly unsafe even as a cattle car for young Syrian boys being sold as Tajik children in Dubai.

Why would traffickers go out of their way to keep four brothers who have lost their parents together.

“Those rich men like to watch,” I am told.

“Watch what.”

“The brothers having sex.”

As long as the United Nations has no real paradigm that would accurately count kids, no one is going to target scarce resources on a scant 15,000 kids. The other numbers are just too high.

Ask any kid being sold on a Russian AN-12. Would you rather live a life of being raped in the UAE, or would you return to the land of cholera.

The boy will always pick cholera.

I would argue that the real reason no one is counting heads is because if resources or spotlights were focused on the most vulnerable kids on the planet, it would be bad for business in the UAE.