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Okay, I really, really, really should just keep my big mouth shut. But it so grinds my ass when anyone suggests many hands have been held out to me.


There is no Jesus, and there are no hands. Like I said on the cover of GENOCIDE. If you see HOPE in this stuff, that is YOUR stuff. It is not MINE.

No one is going to suggest that I give hope to save the boatload.

That puts a trip on my shoulders positioned there by the do-gooders I do not want, desire, or HAVE. Do not put that on me.

There is no hope, there is no heaven, there is no Jesus, there is NO MAP, there is no saving anyone. People save THEMSELVES. There is only darkness and that is what I believe. I am not asking you or anyone else to believe it. I believe it whether you want to shrink me down to a level where I am offering hope or not. I’m NOT. If you have hope, that is your stuff. NOT mine. Don’t put that on me. And STOP with suggesting many hands have been held out to me. That is shit. I do whatever I do MYSELF. Thank you. Enough.

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