Thanks for the feedback, Tim.
Todd Brison

Pin the tail on the neuron WAS insight.

I loved that.

Often, when the real focus — or thrust — in a piece is overly designed, the text, too, begins to resemble early 1960’s magazine writing. Because that is what it looks like.

The worst was Cosmo but they paid on acceptance.

Your stuff on ART has a point to make, but when you tackle what is a string theory of abstractions, which is what writing is, your struggling cannot be made more coherent by employing tricks of design.

You KNOW real writing is a struggle. You KNOW that.

It doesn’t get easier. It gets more difficult. Because you as the writer are no longer willing to NOT explore the hard parts.

But you don’t touch that much. I find it frustrating when it comes to such a bright and talented writer as yourself.

Where are you stretching your own event horizons, and stop telling us, and SHOW us.

It’s damn difficult, writing. But on Medium, it is reduced to a fifteen minute prophylaxis.

Stop it.

You are better than that, or I would not be writing this, and I don’t give a hoot how you design it.

I see you as someone who could actually make the jump from the superficial to something far more meaningful to people who are willing to struggle with writing as MORE than a fifteen minute wait at Burger King.

It’s still Burger King.

You have everything you need to do that stretching. Obviously, it’s there. But you’re reaching for the trite, not the bones.

You owe it to yourself to push yourself somewhat harder and over more difficult terrain.