People Keep Putting Hidden Anti-Trump Messages in Their Resignation Letters—Here’s Why
Emily O'Neill

Poetry and Subversiveness

i teach poetry and art to boys at risk/ both of these are, in fact, the same thing/ usually, first, they make the art, and then they put words to it/ a kiss is just a kiss, but a frog is not always just a frog/ some frogs are super heroes, some frogs are princes beset upon by spells/ entire inner worlds unfold/ anything can happen/ juxtaposed against all of this is the idea of the wicked king/

dive-bombing planes that blow up north korea are currently popular/ i have to keep repeating that the poem doesn’t have to rhyme/ mainly, to their credit, they just ignore me/

they fucking know who and what the mad king is/ somehow everyone winds up at the castle and the war begins/ and not without some subterfuge/ in the end, the wicked king is either defeated or they wack his head off/ the boys i worry about go out of their way to hang onto the status quo where not much happens with the exception of the flickering cold behind their hardened eyes/

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