Serious Crisis in Appalachian Foster Care

Some American problems seem so intractable.

I am not here to make you feel good about yourself.

What will we do.

Every Appalachian state in America is currently in the throes of a serious crisis in foster care. Homes and families for children who have been removed from horrific conditions have always been difficult to find. But Appalachia is in the path of a double-edged sword. Heroin is now a part of what we used to call the meth scene.

Opiate addiction has invaded every Appalachian community from Asheville to Wardensville, and it has straddled that same horse meth used to ride as one way out from the same grinding poverty Appalachia is famous for. Foster homes and orphanages are bursting at the seams. States have not been able to keep up, and children are now being housed in shelters for the homeless because no families are available. There is literally no supervision and no protection for these kids. They’re just dumped at the shelter.

What will we do.

I cannot bring myself to even watch the televised inaugural of Donald Trump. It’s an obscenity.

That is another America.

I am here to tell you that Donald Trump couldn’t find Appalachia on the map.

These children wouldn’t be so much as scum to the psychotic scumbag you have elected. But you voted for him. You voted for him. America is a ruthless place.

The term I use to describe these kids is shellshocked.

It’s going to bite you on the ass. America gets exactly what it deserves. You have sold an entire generation of children down the river.

It’s going to come back to you. Children who have grown up in homeless shelters with very little involvement by adults are children who have never had a childhood in the first place. You cannot call a homeless shelter an appropriate place for kids on their own. And exactly how do these children escape their own cycles of addiction.

It’s coming, America. There will be not just a day of reckoning, but there will be a lifetime of it. And you will deserve every single problem that these disconnected adults will bring.

What will we do. What will we do.