Sex Trafficking Boys

This is the boons. Get a clue.

Red necks live anywhere and everywhere and under rocks.

No red necks. A red neck will sell his mother down the river for a toot of meth.

No red necks.

No mommies. This is not mommy country. Mommies fall apart. I do not know why. I don’t have time to know why. I know mommies need to stay at home. You can’t afford to have the mommies anywhere around. It’s a bad policy to be anywhere close to the mommies. Quite dangerous.

Traffickers listen with impunity to mommy static. Traffickers get the Internet. They know how to make it work for them.

Moving product around on a chessboard is not done on the chessboard.

That is all I want to say about it.

They’re camped out above the falls.

Camping is not prohibited where they’ve set up their temporary digs.

They can leave on a moment’s, too.

No one wants to talk about the boys.

What you don’t know about sex trafficking is…

Just about everything there is to know about sex trafficking.

They’re not good at camping. But the chain hotels not controlled by organized crime are fighting back. So are truck stops. A few anyway. None of them are in New Jersey, and none of them are in Florida.

Meet me by the water spigot. Pretend you are doing dishes there.

I will arrive to fill several canteens.

It’s a bad way to wash dishes, but what the fuck do you know, appear to be stupid. The camera is small and will fit inside any of the dishes you are washing at the sdpigot.

Don’t look at me.

Tend to your task. I am going to slip you the camera. It’s waterproof.

Don’t upload it anywhere.

There will be a drop.

Whatever’s on the camera will help us in deciding how to get you out of there. One other boy. That is all we can squeeze into two storage compartments. You will be very hot to handle.

But it can be done. Just never let them see you sweat.

Take the dogs.

Families should have a dog. Especially families that camp.

The primitive campgrounds go virtually unsupervised.

From there. Safer places.

I’m not going to say there’s always hope at the end of the tunnel because I don’t know that to be true. What I know is risk reduction. Shit gets real.

Individuals who have been moved around and around understand that it’s variety that works. Above the falls today. Motel Six tomorrow.

Sometimes the safe house is Motel Six. Sometimes, hope is where you least expect to find it.

I loose the threads to hop[e pretty consistently. She’s with you one day. She leaves another. But what do you have to lose by going forward everything everything stands at risk whether you can or cannot afford to loose.

Any of the other overnights that will work with us. Will work with us. It’s as simple as keeping a room free.

A National Forest Amphitheater. A motel storeroom. A hotel laundry room.

Often, we’ll do the Build Your Own Safe House workshops in basements. Garages that double as skateboard repair. Bike shops. It’s all peer to peer. Churches will get involved. But be careful.

With adults around, the risk increases exponentially. You’re right. You cannot trust them.

They are invested elsewhere. They don’t even know boys get trafficked.

They deny it. Stay alert. Denial is insidious. It’s dangerous. There is anger in denial.

Denial will get you busted or busted up.

You can try to work with it. But they will turn on you. They will.

Stay off the Internet.

Do not turn on a single devise.

Until all the t’s have been crossed.

Never mention the make of the vehicle.

There will be no patterns to follow. I want people to know it can be done.

I want the mommies to stop wringing their hands. It’s not about your hands. Unless you’re willing to get them dirty.

It’s about them. It’s not about the adults in the room.

In the background, a safer place arises.