resume/ worked the block today it was a white guy in a cadillac/ more suck than fuck/ i keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in my backpack/ to wash my mouth out, spitting hydrogen peroxide and cum out into the street/ hobbies: knitting, quilting, bible study group, valedictorian/ not/ not any of the above, my connection would be at the eagle by ten/ the leather boys are always ready to call it a party/ the rain in which my nights all sleep, another lover sprawled out on the hotel bed/ although the last, not least; to who the pink soap called roses in the shower is such luxury should we whores pool our money for the night/ errand boy/ who having been wrapped in neon as it overflows his skin and rattling/ your hotel windows are black as time itself has fled the rooms we wandered aimless in, just kicking back and slamming/ dope burning with revenge/ bare as the sand stretches far away/ we could be together naked counting the number of bats that danced across the shadowed ceiling of the hotel room/

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