Talk To The Hurt: The Many Ways We Love Them Now.

Talk to the hurt.

I don’t know what you mean. The hurt. Talk to the hurt. I don’t understand you!

Talk to the hurt.

What hurt. Where is the hurt. Do you see hurt in here.

Yes. Talk to the hurt.

Fuck YOU, Tim. There is no damn hurt.

(Goes gets red chair. Puts naked Ken doll in chair.)

Talk to the hurt.

It’s not real. It’s just a fucking toy, okay!

So, what you’re saying is there is no hurt to talk to, but there is, and it’s naked in that chair. Talk to the hurt.

I HATE you, Tim.

Talk to the hurt.

(Stand up. Kicks red chair. Stomps on Ken doll smashing it.)

There’s your hurt. I killed him.

How does it feel to kill him.

It HURTS! It’s him and it HURTS! (Stomps on Ken doll pieces.)

Tell him. Not me.

What you did will never go away. I shit on you.

Shit on the hurt.

(Shits on Ken fragments.)

Go clean yourself in the bathroom. Come back. And we’ll work some more.

(Goes into bathroom. Wrecks bathroom. Kicks holes in bathroom door. Smashes everything.)

Are you happy.

Talk to the hurt.

You wrecked my whole life.

I hear you grieving for the old you. What about the new you.

He’s so pissed off.

(Tim walks over to toy box. Brings another Ken doll — dressed — sits dressed Ken doll on red chair.)

Tell him.

I’m so pissed off and I don’t know why.

You do know why. Talk to the hurt.

I want you to go away. Please go away and no come back. You hurt me and it isn’t fair. IDIDN’TDOANYTHING!

(Tim stands up. Stomps on Ken doll. Breaks it.)

(Laughing). You broke your own stupid doll.

Ken’s not coming back for a very long time. Where is he.

Prison. He went to prison.

What did it feel like when you tried to kill him.

It felt good. He had been beating us for all my life. I wished I had a gun and not a knife.

Talk to the hurt.

No. I’m not talking to the hurt no more. I’m talking to you. When he gets out of prison I will be sixteen. What happens then. You know he’ll be back. Everyone knows he will be back.

Talk to the hurt.