tim barrus: gay boys don’t fish

I got kinda tired of all the hate that is usually directed at me being focused like the pattern of a machine gun just shooting off bullets everywhere. People are crazy. There is one guy on the Internet who claims we had an intimate relationship. I have never met him. I do not know him. We did not and do not have a relationship of any kind whatsoever.

He stalks me, and it’s sorta sad because this guy has no life.

The Internet crawls with creeps that used to live under rocks. That is just the way of it.

So we started a blog (it was at first just a joke, and then people started writing to it) we called: THE ASK TIM BARRUS BLOG.

Most of the questions that are actually questions are kinda dumb.

Most people just come there to vent. 1.) I am a bad person. 2.) I am a very bad person. 3.) I am such a bad person, I should be exiled to Mars. And yada, yada, yada. The We Hate Tim Barrus Club is loud if redundant.

Ho hum.

I rarely publishing anything there.

I keep telling people it is an ASK Tim barrus Blog. Not a Throw Shit at Tim Barrus Blog.

But no.

Yesterday, I blogged that we had gone fishing. I tweeted it at the lake.

Immediately, the haters come snarling around, and they do not believe we go fishing because: gay boys don’t fish.

Dear Tim Barrus, I do not believe that you or any gay boy ever really goes fishing like you say.

Dear Sweet Anon, when did this blog become a scenic rest area for people with all the answers.

This is the ASK Tim Barrus blog.


Stereotypes take no prisoners. My own experience is that kids crave being exposed to the environment.

We eat the fish we catch. We can bring home two or three big meals from one fishing afternoon.

You just go there.

The kid has to walk around in it.

You never know who’s out there on the lake.

Does this look like a fishing blog to you. Memory Lane.

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