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The Solitary Cook

We’d love to have you. In fact, we’re working on our next vid on it right now. The British gentleman who does our voice overs flew to Gibraltar to get the background voices. He is a steadfast supporter. He knew that Gibraltar has so many languages and dialects that would fit right in. No music. Now, if we can get the visuals right.

All their lives, these guys are told how stupid they are. I can’t even begin to describe how they have always hated school, the bullying alone. Kids can be so mean. In order to do things like connect visuals to a score is no simple thing. There is an arch to it. Math is an important pieces of that puzzle. But you can’t get education to understand that even the fundamentals can be approached as hands on.

For some kids, especially the ones who are haunted by anxiety way, way outside the normality we think of as normal, hands on is how they learn. They can’t sit anywhere for more than five minutes. And they can connect to a project where that’s a whole lot of their writing that is now a voice telling the story they created.

I don’t think anything will come of it. My bitching about the status quo in tech will go nowhere. They’ll just ignore that we exist like they always do. But when I heard about Matter Studio, I had to say something about how there is a tidal wave really of kids who are always left out. It pisses me off that the YouTube stars get such support as free studio shoots from Google.

These are the entitled kids. They always have their own tech. The kids who are left out of that equation are everywhere. I don’t see Matter Studio even acknowledging our existence. The names of the gurus there are solidly mainstream.

Frankly, it’s their loss.

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