This Is What Institutional Feminism Looks Like, and It Shouldn’t Be Ignored
MSJ Exit Zine

You are absolutely correct. You are RIGHT. About it all.

But I have one question for you.

It is a question I deal with on a daily basis.

WHY would anyone sign a nondisclosure agreement they did not AGREE with.

So don’t sign the thing.

Oh, but then they don’t get the job.

That is, indeed, a reality.

It comes down to what you value. It comes down to what HAS value.

Everyone makes choices.

I would argue that if you are signing a nondisclosure agreement that on Monday you think is trivial, but on Tuesday you get groped by every male in the tech group, there are better ways to sell your soul to the devil.

What has value.

The job. Or your personal resolve. Decide.

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