You took her
Heather Nann

You are PISSED.

I get it.

I can’t work with males and females together.

Working with gay boys is a safe haven for me.

Men and women are so different. I think I would be lost, and have little to offer.

I don’t get the thing about males taking the risk of entire lives upended because something walks by they want. Just a metaphor. It goes a lot deeper than metaphor.

I think men wiggle out of responsibility. To themselves. To relationships they have chosen to be in.

They seem so rarely able to own it. It’s like a mental block. And when men get together — trust me — they high five it and reiterate that she just doesn’t get the male of the species — or what they need.

Like need is verb that burns in their balls.

Such bullshit.

The reality is often, they just can’t fucking handle it. It’s work. Intimacy is work.


Ohhhh, where to start…

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