Radical Ownership – My Little Way of Dealing with Potential Client Issues

It’s very easy to get sore at something you felt a client didn’t handle right in a process.

For instance, I always seem to get client content late for new website builds — pushing back the process and the invoice.

I winced, and moaned, and now I’m trying to grow up.

A business can’t live on undetermined project end dates and invoices two months late on a regular business, or if it’s crazy common — it’s time to make some adjustments.

So regardless of the issue I have with clients – my new strategy is to figure out how to modify my proposal (and conditions at the bottom of my proposal) in a way that makes for better, clearer expectations on both sides.

As long as I keep blaming clients, I will never really resolve the issue — “it’s their deal not mine”

So I’m done with that.

I have control over what I have control over — and that’s the proposal and the key things I communicate at critical times.

I can be better beyond just a better proposal — clearer, with more templated information about how the process will work that I have handed off at critical moments.

Same with prospects — If I keep wasting my time with only somewhat interested prospects and can’t close I need to own that

That means either getting more conditions around what allows you to chat with prospects.

Or… getting down to business giving some kind of range of the types of clients you accept.

And / or getting better at the way you communicate your clear value propositions and selling techniques in general.

Personally, on that front I’m opting for the last two.

Thanks for reading! :)

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