Selling when you feel like selling is slimey

What is better than a cool refreshing glass of water when you're thirsty? Imagine that’s how speaking on the phone to you sounds to a new prospect. They have been desperately looking for what you do — without any luck.

That moment when you realize selling isn’t a burden or some kind of negative thing you do to the outside world but your service, your paying the world back for your opportunities. Your opportunities to learn to do what you do, your opportunities to use this technology we have at our fingertips every day. Selling doing something you do well to the world can be you repaying a little piece of the debt of gratitude to the world that’s given you so much.

Accept the good that comes

I’ve talked with other designers and developers- other people in my industry who feel gross selling. But yet we watch larger agencies or more wasteful organizations squander the money of their clients or do a sub-par job and wonder why they didn’t come to us.

We have to toughen up, recognize the good in selling, and help the clients — take the rightful clients that belong with us.

It’s a mental toughness, a heartiness, and a resiliency that helps us push through when the job is tough, the scope creeps or we need to learn a lot quickly or stay up late.

We have to push hard, shake more hands, get coffee with more people, create more useful content, post more guest articles, and complete more side projects if we really want the opportunities most people don’t have.

We have to then be open to accept the good that comes, give back when we can and let the process of working hard and soaking up the good things grow us into something wonderful.

Selling means helping — money as metaphor

Money is a metaphor for energy, and a symbol of value. It was exchanged for food from farmers and tools for tradesman — when someone gives you money, it’s a thank you note that’s says what you did was valuable to me.

It’s a positive exchange, a recognition of your hard work, your smart ideas, and how much you helped. Whether the check is from a small business or a Multi-national corporation it’s a positive symbol.

I need meaning in my work, and this way of thinking about the meaning of money and recognition that I am looking to help people helps me make sense of my work — which can be somewhat mundane. Understanding this appreciation for my work helps make it more interesting to me and motivates me to do my best.