Do you try to make it seem like it takes a genius to do your job?

Stop making it seem like SEO is so hard

SEO takes time, but it’s by no means some kind of completely foreign language. By making it seem mysterious or like magic, we’re making it harder for people to understand the time and resources it takes to implement.

  1. Add technical SEO like meta-descriptions and titles, alt tags and a sitemap.

2. Create content on a regular basis, go for epic and shareable content.

3. Try to find places with high domain authority and get backlinks.

4. Guest post, put out Press Release, host events and be seen.

I joined a Search Engine Optimization company a couple years ago and try to ask people if they could give me an overview of these main points and it was either too technical or to basic — so we recently published this ‘Crash Course to SEO Marketing’ which breaks it down into the main keys and fleshes out a bit more on how to do each of these.

Yes there are intricacies, but to make it seem like some black magic it’s doing the discipline a dis-service.

When you’re new in corporate America or in an agency you sometimes tend to think that you’ll sound more official to provide overly complicated advice.

We cover up for our own imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacies by falling into ‘corporate speak.’ But what I’m suggesting is to try to put things into as clear and simple terms as we possibly can and not alienate the companies and clients that so badly could use our help.

Perhaps overly formalizing makes it easy for us to cover stuff up

If it feels complicated, perhaps they won’t want to do it themselves… But let me tell you what, the best clients aren’t the ones that want to do it themselves anyways.

If you do work that you can do quickly and are very good at, maybe it’s time to stop charging by the hour and instead have a more value-based approach.

If you’re a blogger make it a challenge to speak in the simplest terms possible, and instead of coming up with complicated tactics, share your information in a no-nonsense way and instead try to make things more visual, distilled into bullet points or broken down for laymen.

This doesn’t mean dumb-down your content — this mean learn more so that making it simple is easy. The hardest thing in the world is to explain a complicated pattern or process in as simple of a way as possible.

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