And now, let the user upload his or her avatar to show the rest of the world how amazing it is.

To do this, we are going to cover three simple steps.

So let’s start activation the Storage service.

Activate Storage

To store the avatar, we are going to use the Firebase storage service.

Storage, I choose you!


Well, now that we have our login working, let’s create a protected application. Due to show user data and secret messages, we need.

So now, in order to store user data, we are going to need a database. In this case, we are going to use Firestore. A Firebase real-time database that will allow us to subscribe to the data, and see changes the moment they are received in the database. …

Firebase is the perfect backend for our Flutter applications. It counts with lots of functionality as authentications, real-time database, storage and even hosting, to create a web that complements you Flutter application. It helps you to center in your app, forgetting about all the backend services that you don’t have to implement anymore. And the free tier is enough to learn and test all your app.

So let do an exercise together. We are going to create a Firebase project to connect it to a Flutter application with an only view, to login to the platform, step by step.


If you have developed web application, you must admit that routing usually is a pain in the neck. Flutter, on the other hand, makes things so smooth that it’s a pleasure to use them.

So what we need to route. Well, at least two views. So let start creating two widgets to store our two views. Let’s call them, “View A” and “View B”. Typical Monday creativity.

“View A” will contain a button that when pressed will send us to the View B view.

“View B” will contain a hidden message that we will show to the user.

I really like the way Flutter handles assets. It’s a little bit complex than just using the file path with an import, but not too much to make it unpleasant.

I’m going to show in this article how to import a few assets to make your app prettier. We are going to import free and cool fonts, a few images and even a Flare animation to show the weather our app.

Which app?

Ah! Yes. The smallest weather app from my latest article.

So now that we have the weather app working and showing us the weather in our current…

I have learned something new with Flutter. Let me show you.

Warning: If the app crashes, Geolocator is to blame. Just follow these steps to fix AndroidX Compatibility.

I was trying to learn asynchrony with Flutter and how to ask data through the internet using the HTTP library. So I have created a simple application with an only view, that contains the result of three processes:

A love story from scratch

So now that we have our minimum application working with a pretty nice idea of how to start adding contents, let talk about forms.

Forms are half the web. Everything has a form inside. And creating forms and handling field validation is not trivial most of the time. There are libraries focused on this matter, and web frameworks like Angular implemented their own form creation and validation tools.

It’s not so easy to create a form that shows the user what to do in the right moment without making him or her feeling uncomfortable with…

A love story from scratch

So let talk about widgets, and how they are similar to React components. In both frameworks, we have dumb components and smart components.

The dumb components, or stateless components, are components that have no state, so it only changes when its properties inherit passed from the parent changes (mostly in a render cycle).

The smart component, formally known as stateful components, has an internal state. They also receive properties, but they can change according to their internal state, despite the values of these properties.

The simplest example for one of these components is a counter…

A love story from scratch

I have felt in love with the new Google’s toy called Flutter. An SDK to develop cross-platform mobile applications, that implements its own drawing engine to make everything run smoothly.

But why for React developers? Well, because it is pretty similar to React, and shares with it the component paradigm, but taken to the extreme. As a React developer, I have found Flutter pretty easy to understand and learn, and Dart language, not as terrible as I thought in the beginning.


Components in Flutter are called widgets, and basically are Lego bricks that has a…

A love story from scratch

I felt a great disturbance in the Force as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened (Obi-Wan Kenobi).

And this is exactly the feeling. React Native was born long ago to save us from tools like Ionic and Cordoba, but never really took off or found its place in the mobile market. Big companies like Airbnb or Udacity that adopted React Native at the beginning, has moved back to native applications, and this is pretty sad. It is like a defeat for front…

Gustavo Muñoz

Hi! I’m a front developer in love with JavaScript. I have been coding for 16 years now, last six of them as Web developer. Now I am a React guy with Flutter.

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