what makes us different?

Isn’t this a question that all of us love to ask ourselves?

We at Timberjoe have been working extremely hard the past few months to bring all of you a product that we believe in, are passionate about, and hope will change the world. It’s very encouraging to see friends, family, and the community we have built on social media all excited for what we want to offer.

I, for one, love to see piqued interest, or maybe curiosity is a better word, about our movement.

I also receive a ton of questions about Timberjoe. Here’s the question I get most often:

what makes Timberjoe different than other coffee brands?

I’d like to answer this question to the best of my ability.

the answer

How do you drink your coffee? No, I’m not asking whether you like it black, with cream and sugar, or overwhelmed by a myriad of sugary ingredients; I’m asking how it gets into your cup. Do you go to the grocery store and pick out the cheapest bag of coffee you can set your eyes on? Are you a “coffee snob,” one of those people who makes drinking coffee sound and look like solving a complex mathematical equation? There are many categories of coffee drinkers; there are the Folgers drinkers, the Starbucks goers, the eight cups a day-ers. As different as the ends of the spectrum may seem, let’s all face it — when we find out someone drinks coffee, there’s an immediate bond formed.

Timberjoe is coffee that can be enjoyed by every sect of coffee drinker. No, we didn’t come up with some groundbreaking new roasting method, or outlandish new flavor of coffee — Timberjoe is coffee, but it’s coffee that benefits others. This is a fundamental principle behind Timberjoe. We’re all used to drinking coffee for our own enjoyment, whether it’s to wake ourselves up, merely for the taste, or for a mid-afternoon caffeine rush. I mean some of us (okay, myself) can really binge drink some coffee.

This coffee is fair trade, organic, simple, and it will give back to the country it originates from with every sip you take. I’d like to think that makes us unique.

So let your coffee and your adventure coincide. Let the coffee you drink everyday do something more. Turn something you do EVERYDAY into the ESSENCE of the adventures you take and the people you help.

Now while you work on letting your coffee and your adventure coincide, we’ll work on bringing you a product to facilitate that desire: Timberjoe.

-kr, co-creator of timberjoe

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