conscious has no causal role.
What I was getting at: The fact that I can’t introspectively dig into my subconscious, and my…
Maarten van Doorn

Is this causal role the “agency” of libertarian free will? Or is it more like Douglas Hofstadter’s “strange loopiness”?

Full disclosure, I’m a determinist and when I try to unpack agency I inevitably end up at “uncaused” or “soul” or “mystery” or “non physical” or “dimensions 5 through 11 of string theory resolving quantum indeterminacy” (sarcasm alert). Or how about this gem: “To account for free will, we have to appeal to the agency of what Kant called a “noumenal self” outside space and time that could not be studied in scientific terms.” And one I just came across from Robert Kane: an emergent property of a chaotic system. Which simply seems to substitute unknown mystery with “emergent property….”

I understand the argument for compatibilism but it strikes me as more of a conversational ploy… a cop out.

Are you back at school yet?