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My father died suddenly, shockingly, in December. He was 77. I spoke these words of tribute at his memorial service in January. Today feels like the right day to revisit and record those words

For young gentlemen of the early Victorian period, Leamington Spa possibly wasn’t the buzziest of places. Despite its appeal to the travelling Spa set of the day, one assumes there was little to occupy to the younger affluent middle and upper classes of the fashionable, yet provincial town.

So, along with local Warwickshire gentry and the officers of several Cavalry Regiments based nearby, the gentlemen of the town came up with a solution. Inspired by London clubs such as Boodles and the Reform, they established their own. A simulacrum of metropolitan refinement in the heart of England, the Leamington Spa…

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Ian Schneider/Unsplash

It’s been emotional…

For iconoclasts, it has been a year of heady hoopla. For the established order, it has been a wake-up call like no other. Citizens on both sides of the Atlantic, in Europe, and beyond, are only just beginning to understand the implications. The UK Referendum and US Presidential campaigns have created volatility quite unlike anything most of us have ever experienced.

For professional communicators, it has been a uniquely troubling period. Both campaigns have set a worrying new normal when it comes to stakeholder dialogue. Those of us who have spent careers building understanding and shared meaning have seen divisive…

Tim Harrison

PR guy, communicator, coach, musician. Perpetually curious. Fascinated by the impact of transformative technology and how it disrupts and creates human value

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