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Two years ago I wrote a story about mentoring product managers. I’d published a bunch of stories before that but it still remains my most popular by quite a bit. I love the fact so many people are interested in seeking help from others and in lending a hand to those who need it too. It’s more important than ever to feel like help is there given the need for physical distancing right now.

Having shifted my focus to coaching these past couple of years I’d like to share my thoughts about coaching product managers.

Coaching vs Mentoring

Let’s clear something up first. That story I wrote about mentoring product managers was somewhat naively written as if coaching and mentoring are the same thing. Actually for the most part I still believe they are. The differences for me are quite subtle. …


Tim Nunn

Digital Product Practice Lead at Kiwibank. I want to be a full-time Product Coach when I grow up. Contact me for help.

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