Tinpot Dictator Behaviour in the White House

It’s a cliche of fiction and news reports on dictators, that they seek to control the press. Facts are challenged; non-truths spun as fact; journalists hassled and persecuted.

Anyone else see disturbing parallels with what’s happening in the White House present? The latest developments today where some news organisations like the New York Times and the BBC were expelled from the White House briefings, must be seen as disturbing turn of events.

This is a brazen attempt to shape the news media and its availability to people in power:

  • To prevent them asking the difficult questions.
  • To prevent the probing.
  • To Attempt to control what the people need know.

And you have to ask yourself why? Why is the White House doing this? Is it because it has something to hide? Is it because there is something they do not want the to press to find, to investigate?

Whatever the reason, and it may simply be just ineptitude, it is not a good development. It’s bordering on the sinister.

To have a free press is a constant of the free democracy. The US used to be a flag bearer, a standardbearer for a free democracy. Today that reputation looks a little tarnished. The White House and El Presedente should be ashamed of themselves.