Build Something Great.

A product, a company, a relationship, a house, a life — whatever it is, make it great.

I’ve been working hard to build something great. Since moving to Atlanta, just a couple years ago, I’ve built great relationships with great people, done great work with a great organization, built a community around supporting entrepreneurs and even managed to build a great life with my daughter. [gives self high-five]

This week I started to build something new, a great new adventure. I’m excited to announce that I’ve joined the team at as their new Creative Producer.

Now, you might’ve taken a look at the site and thought to yourself, cool, Tim went from publishing a culture/lifestyle magazine to helping social entrepreneurs inevitably solve some huge-critical problems to slinging toilets? Huh?

Well, yes and… is building something great — in case you’re just now catching on. They’re building (and already have) a great team that is [buzz word alert] disrupting how contractors and interior designers build their businesses. They are a tech company that just so happens to be in a more traditional, albeit $92 billion market. They’re growing at an exponential rate, doubling in size in 2015, and after seeing the 2016 projections that trend is sure to continue.

With the huge numbers aside, the thing that does great and prides itself on is relationships. You might remember uncle B and I built an entire company based around these mysterious and mythological things. Shoot, we even gave a TED talk once on how to build and maintain REALationships. You remember that one, right?

Hug the porcupine.

As Creative Producer, my role will be to continue the path of building great relationships. I’ll be out in the Atlanta community connecting with the tech scene looking for the best talent in town, developing copy and content for the site that attracts and keeps our PRO customers, (yes, dad and brother included) creating partnerships with local companies to deepen our roots in town and I may even make a decent cup of coffee before things are all said and done.

Shout out to Carey Tucker for these “candid” shots.

This opportunity and challenge is a welcomed one. It allows for me to get back to what I enjoy doing and frankly what I’m good at. I get to be a face, a voice and a tastemaker again. I get to learn a ton from an overwhelmingly talented group of folks. I get a raise [mom reaches through computer for a hug, yaaaaaay!] and most importantly, I’m one step closer to getting harper that pony she’s wanted…

If you’re offered a seat on the rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.
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