The word of 2014...

Having a 3 year old and being a single dad, you’d think patience is something that just comes with the territory. For whatever reason, while my reflexes and corner covering ability are at an all-time high, being patient is something that has forever been a challenge and continues to be.

2014 was the year my willingness to be patient was put to the test. From the very beginning of the year with the job and home search to it’s final days while visiting the family over Christmas…being patient has been a real struggle.

I want the house for harper, a new car, the promotion at work, the dog, the six pack, the beard. From the personal — I’m always ready to go, even when I’m not actually ready to go and harper is never ready to go even when she says she’s ready to go. To the professional — I work everyday to the creed, “hurry up and wait.” And all things in between, dating, my health, work relationships, Friday nights… It’s a never ending battle, but one I’m trying to win, even though my whole life is trained to the “right now.”

Everyday something new is being offered with less and less effort. I rarely cook, because I don’t have the patience. Like a caveman, Tim hungry, Tim want food. But mexican is so fast. Almost all my apps on my phone are productivity apps, things to help me “get it done” faster. I’m almost addicted to immediacy, the internet is never fast enough, swipes left, left, left, right, left, swipe right. Match!


When all else fails, I take a deep breathe, then another. Yoga, running and the periodical 7 minutes using my Calm app really help keep things in perspective when I feel like I’m being short. I’m mindful of the fact I have little patience, but it’s growing. This is helpful in recognizing when I need to take that deep breathe.

In 2015, I’m going to cook more. I scored the tools to do so. It’s my one new year’s resolution and one that will hopefully bring the long anticipated virture of patience. Until then, cheers and Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is the one for you.

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