Embedded Sales On Medium

Native In-Platform Buying & Selling Possibilities

Embedded or native sales are now a possibility on Medium.com.

Customers can buy embedded products using a credit card securely without ever leaving the URL of a story. Here is an example, with a product from Gumroad.com:

Content creators now have a way to enable direct sales to highly-targeted audiences reading their material on Medium.

The embed works simply by pasting in the URL of the product into the Medium editor and pressing “enter”.

Medium’s embedding system is run through a third-party embedding service provider called Embed.ly. Embedly provides a standarized format for handling embedded content and a single customer support system for users embedding a wide variety of different types of content from many different providers on multiple platforms, including Medium.

Embedly provides a current list of supported embed providers:

To become an Embedly provider, the process is free and happens on a weekly basis. Perfecting how an embed displays on an Embedly supported site (like Medium) may require some customization on the part of the original content provider. Just contact them here to get started:

That page linked above gives an overview of their technical requirements for getting your product to play nice with the Embedly service.

From where I’m standing, it looks very worthwhile for companies to get in on this embed-action. From the Embedly site:

I’m excited as a small-timey indie web content producer that I’m starting to have options like this which work seamlessly (hopefully!) across platforms to enable me to monetize my content. And I’d really like to see other providers enter this space with other interesting embedded products for Medium users. It’s a testament to the “API Age” or whatever phase of the internet we’re in now that all these services can find a way to work together…

Why couldn’t we do the same thing on a global scale? 🌍☮