So here’s a question that even some of our readers might find valuable: based on your experience…
Jeremy Puma

Good question. Let’s say your “true” material cost is approximately $100.

We’ll say 12 hours of actual labor, at $25/hr. (This also might be cheap for a “pro” carpenter’s hourly rates — but they will do a better job, and faster, since they know the forms and techniques better than I do.)

I would guess, realistically-speaking it could be at the very least a $400–500 project, though I don’t know what a “real” carpenter would charge (varies a lot, and by area). This is probably pretty cheap I’m guessing, and it’s also possible a lot of bigger contractors won’t want a piddly small project like this too.

Other factors to consider:

  • Are they also going to the store to purchase materials and deliver them to your place? Or are you supplying everything up front? (And if you are, are you sure its the materials you really need?)
  • Are they doing the demolition before-hand? Are they bagging and hauling the waste, or are you handling it?
  • If it’s somebody who’s more on the handyman side (as opposed to a full-fledged contractor) are they also supplying all their own tools, or are they using yours? (Maybe more importantly, if they’re using yours, are your tools actually good enough to do the job?)

I’m gonna settle I think on a figure of $500 as a guesstimate bill for hiring this out to a sort of middling handyman/carpenter like myself (hopefully better) to do as a small project. Someone with the tools and requisite experience could probably blast this out in half a day instead of dragging it out like I did. In which case, they will probably charge per project, rather than by the hour, and try to finish it as fast as possible.

For a really polished, better version of this (which is also kind of unnecessary, given the usage), you’d probably be looking at twice that price. But that’s all guesswork by me.

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