nothing about intentionally choosing foraging for a particular seasonal crop is truly rational
The Morel of the Story
Veronica Flores

Have to disagree… Foraging feels to me like an utterly rational exercise. That food just so happens to be growing all around you (which you don’t need to plant, water or “weed”) and you don’t pick and eat — *that* is irrational.

It’s weird: lately I’ve been feeling a strange sense of accomplishment as I integrate daily finds on walks into my diet (right now mostly dandelion greens and wild rapini — a fancy name for wild mustard, looks like little broccolis), that somehow this is something I’m more proud of in my life than many other things which in the human world we might credit much higher. Like objectively, for any animal, suddenly increasing your available food source… this is something big. This is something of actual importance, whether or not it has financial significance or “rationality” from a conventional viewpoint.

Wild rapini foreground, dandelion greens background.
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