Caithrin Rintoul

Interesting idea, though it seems like some things are still yet to be figured out.

Like for example:

I think some disclaimers will be in order, or else some unrealistic expectations might be inadvertently created:

Ginseng is sometimes a difficult plant to grow. It is a plant that requires commitment for the fact that roots are best when left to maturity for 5–10 years. It is a committed gardener that decides to plant a crop, waiting 5–10 years to harvest the best and most potent roots is a task filled with risk, patience, and an eye to the distant future.

Further, as a small farmer, I would never buy seeds without knowing the organic/conventional status. Its not to say I never buy conventional seeds, but it’s an absolute requirement for me to at least know. And alongside that, I won’t buy without knowing the provenance (at least geographically) and/or grower. This is why I buy the vast majority of seed from Johnny’s, because their reputation of quality is paramount for me knowing crops sown with their seed will be viable (and they are employee-owned — plus their selection!). And lastly the weight: I want pounds or ounces — or at least grams — not numerical quantities of seed.

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