Lexicom Franklipedia looked up from the holoscreem, vaping a blue hue over twattrospace.

Dammit, the juice was running low. She looked at the ticket attached to the bottle. A little crude symbol of a palm tree in a Tropical Oasis. She would have to try to time-track the OM of that later. This was, “the good shit” and they were running out. It didn’t matter if they lived on Mars and were thereby the legally lowest-paid customer service agents in Known Common Time. They didn’t have to live like employfugees.

She spit out a small wad of blue… something, put the mouth-piece back on its stand and pressed her forehead into the viewer.

A ticket popped open with a tingle in her sensorium’s mid-range panel.

It read:


On SquareSpace, they have a “Style Editor” which is a panel that opens up to control some global settings. It’s convenient for the most part. (But sometimes I spend more time communicating with customer support staff and checking their documentation than I actually do solving the fairly simple problems I get stuck on using their platform, BTW)

I was just trying to search for documentation on the “Gallery Controls” in the style editor, and was using as my search phrases groups of labels from the interface-itself.


`!g style editor gallery controls squarespace`

/**!g is a search over DDG running to ghoulgl in the FF b-b **/

It’s, I think, a well-formed valid search based on items that I know exist in their product documentation and the kind of string/chain of keywords that the search engine happens to like.

But search results were bad. [See photo] I didn’t get from one click in my original search string to my answer in order to achieve my desired outcome in the product.

I don’t mind a little digging, because I like discovering how things work. But at a certain point, you get burned out sifting through documentation and even getting the best of help from qualified agents.

You just want the product to do the things you want to do. No need for intermediaries.

But you also want, I think, to be able to catch virtually any “product appropriate” interface phrase into a one-click success-story for finding the answer to your question, thereby deflecting your own ticket.

Own your own keywords, bro.



Lexicom opened a chatT.

Lexicom. @channel who wrote that?

Omnibus. TimeWave refugee.

Lexicom. They’re still letting those people in?

Omnibus. It’s regulation.

Lexicom. For now.

Omnibus. Do you want me to run a trace on their non-publicly retained information?

Lexicom. No, just give me your best time-stamp coordinates.

Omnibus. Here:239816fa3f3bb018ad1a1e29778d1d40

Lexicom. Confirmed.

Omnibus. Godspeed.
/opened the hatch.

Lexicom disappeared down the chute.

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