Ha!! Yup. That’s me.
Denny Henke

So that’s just the thing… if you make a big harvest anyway, you’re suddenly saddled with the problem of what to do with it… Like I am now “stuck” with over 2,000 heads of (really good, big, organic) garlic which I planted back at the end of last season when I still had the idea of running my farm as a “business.” A lot of it I will just re-plant (and try to naturalize in a variety of settings around the property — leaving it to it’s own devices), but after busting my hump to just break even with a small farm business last year, it makes doing “computer stuff” (which I’m doing now instead) seem luxurious and amazing — which it is. I want/ed to be “self-sufficient” blah blah blah but I know now only too well the truth of what that would mean in terms of labor and return on effort. The payoff just isn’t there. Better to refocus my attention and energy to do something interesting and fun and new in the garden than spin my wheels eighty hours a week to break even if I’m lucky…

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