The Coming Algorithmic Take-Over

An algorithm is a step-by-step recipe. Like:

  1. Lightning strikes tree.
  2. Credulous man climbs mountaintop.
  3. Mysterious voice provides code to govern society.

Obviously, “man hears voice in desert” is way over-used as a historical trope on this planet. Hopefully, on the next one we can code-correct for that. Until then we’ll do our best with what we have.

The Ten Commandments are an algorithm.

Moses was trying to cyber his people.

Just like Hammurabi and his Code:


Just like Mohammed, Joseph Smith, L. Ron Hubbard, and all the others playing through loops of “Man hears voice in desert” (or local variant)— each one with their own updated set of algorithmic steps by which they believed an ordered society would be created and maintained as an entity, a culture, a People through time.
Man hears voice in desert…

Return of Law and Order

Ordo ab chao. Novus ordo seclorum. Software, versioning, deployments. Disruption, emergence. Move fast, break things.

This would be Utopia — if it weren’t for all these stinkin’ laws…

This is a few years old, but the trend is there —

A City on a Hill, on the Ocean or somehow set apart: a place with its own rules — its own algorithm. An Erewhon, a New Utopia. Lost Lemuria. New Jerusalem.

Self-Driving City

The answer to the question we’re not asking is obvious. It will take an A.I. to sort out all these self-driving cars. Probably more than one.

[Source linked below]

Together, their harmonious operation will require a not just a Lingua Franca of interactions, but a Common Code they all agree to operate under — a Standard Protocols.

You know what they say: you can’t fight Smart City Hall.

“Ignorance of the Guidance of God”

“Jahiliyyah (Arabic: جاهلية‎‎ ǧāhiliyyah/jāhilīyahignorance”) is an Islamic concept of “ignorance of divine guidance” or “the state of ignorance of the guidance from God”[1] or “Days of Ignorance”[2] referring to the barbaric condition in which Arabs found themselves in pre-Islamic Arabia (in the non-Islamic sense), i.e. prior to the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad.”

Uber Killer

If ever “ignorance of the guidance of God” as a phrase applied, it would here with the case of the Uber killer, who said the app was causing him to go into a murderous rage:

“When he opened the app, Dalton told police, a symbol would appear that “would literally take over your whole body,” Det. William Moorian of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety wrote in his report, obtained by the Kalamazoo Gazette and through the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. The app “literally took over his mind and body,” Moorian wrote.” [Source linked below]

Is Dalton an outlier though — a susceptible edge case who merely intuited some leap in logic into a world where computer algorithms explicitly controlled “human resources” and their traffic through various networks and domains of action?

Or as Don Anderson says in his great Medium piece on the spooky possession side of the Dalton case:

“the most successful game players, or Uber drivers, are those who have “most fully internalized” the algorithm.”

Another quote lift from Anderson’s source (worth reading in full), linked again below for reference:

“Dalton said that he could only tell us that it has the ability to take you over. We confirmed with Dalton that he was referring to the Uber app and Dalton said yes. Dalton then told us that it feels like it is coming from the phone itself and he didnt know how to describe that. … Dalton said that as he was sitting there with us, it was almost like artificial intelligence that can tap into your body.
Dalton then said that is why he is trying to tell us it is like an artificial presence.
Dalton said that it would take you over to the point that you are like a puppet.”

See also:

If you need something shitty to watch: Stephen King’s “Cell”

If you haven’t seen the klunky John Cusack/Samuel L. Jackson flick “Cell,” where cell phones suddenly send out a mysterious signals which turns connected humans into flocking proto-zombies, don’t. Watch this instead: it’s hilarious…

A stupid movie with a couple freaky-ass parts of people spewing out garbled cell phone codes. You can see most of it above, or give it a twirl in long-form on Netflix, like I did. Hey, I was “on vacation.”


Dec. 13, 2015
“These tools are early applications of PriOS, the over-arching management software that Dalio wants to make three-quarters of all management decisions within five years. The kinds of decisions PriOS could make include finding the right staff for particular job openings and ranking opposing perspectives from multiple team members when there’s a disagreement about how to proceed.
The machine will make the decisions, according to a set of principles laid out by Dalio about the company vision.”
Oct. 25, 2016: Google A.I. assistant as “factotum.”

Is this Fake News?

Or future history?

“I am an Uber® for Corporeal™, fully licensed and cross-bonded. I have the public and secret keys to prove it. I perform PBT for the Greater Southern Gestalt — physical body tasks which would be too dangerous or needlessly expensive for robots to perform.
I like my job. Every day is different. Some days I help the autonomous cement mixers, scooping up with a big shovel the globs that they have dropped. Nothing is wasted. The walls seem to grow taller and more majestic day by day, like white wings rising out of the landscape.” [Source]

See also:

“As immortal representations of the essential spirit of the company, most of the avatars required special arrangements, due to their generally monomaniac (some in the past would have called psychopathic) world outlook. Moreover, the strict restrictions on AI incorporation following what later historians would call the Lesser Abomination Crisis meant that all Corporate entities had to be human-corporeal, and thus subject to the random neural growth that biological development inevitably entails.”