Types of personal data

AKA Personally-identifying information (PII)

In learning about GDPR, I searched around a lot for a comprehensive list of types of personally-identifying information (PII) or personal data as it’s more commonly called in the EU context. I found a number of short lists, but nothing which seemed to exhaustively speak to the problem of classifying such data under a regulation like the GDPR.

So I compiled my own list of the below items, some of which could clearly be broken down into sub-components. Also worth noting that some of these are more highly protected under GDPR. Hopefully this stab at a more complete list will help get anyone interested started on figuring out what kinds of data they might be holding and what they need to do about it.

PII Types

First name
Last name
Maiden name
Other names used
Personal email address
Work email address
Face photographs
Other identifying photographs
Photo location data
Video footage 
Voice recording 
Security question & answer
Third-party login
Date of birth
City of birth
Birth certificate
Eye color
Hair color
Work address
Current home address
Length of current residence
Previous addresses
Home phone
Cell phone
Work phone
Marital status
Spouse name
Parents’ names
Children’s names
Siblings’ names
Friends’ names
Contacts list
Pets & animals
Number of people in household
Current employer
Employment history
Performance evaluations
Reference interviews 
HR issues & disciplinary actions
IP address
Device ID / MAC address
Operating system
Language preference
Social media accounts
Social media posts & history
Cloud storage files
Current location (physical)
Location history (physical)
Shopping & purchase history (on the site)
Shopping & purchase history (elsewhere online)
Shopping & purchase history (offline)
Daily life activities
Event attendance
Donations to organizations
Media preferences
Likes & ratings
Topics of interest
Activity on the site
Search history on the site
Search history (elsewhere)
Browsing history (elsewhere online)
Phone call records
Text message history
Messages on the site
Chat history (elsewhere online)
Email records
Postal activity
Current income
Income history
Bank account
Credit card number
Debit card number
PIN number
Credit report
Loan records
Other financial statements
Homeowner status
Home value
Investment records
Property records
Life insurance records
Health insurance records
Medical card number
Car insurance records
Passport information
Social security / social insurance number
Driver’s license / state ID
Vehicle registration records
Professional license records
Recreational license records
Voter registration records
Political party affiliation
Writing sample (electronic)
Schools attended
Education history
Arrest records
Criminal offenses & convictions
Tax returns
Racial & ethnic origin
Political affiliations & opinions
Religion & philosophical beliefs
Trade union membership
Sexual orientation
Sexual partners
Medical records
Family health history
Physical or mental disability
Veteran status
Genetic information
Biometric identifiers
Retina scan
Voice signature
Facial geometry