Uber Mind Control?

Via a Gawker article from 14 March 2016:

When he opened the app, Dalton told police, a symbol would appear that “would literally take over your whole body,” Det. William Moorian of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety wrote in his report, obtained by the Kalamazoo Gazette and MLive.com through the Michigan Freedom of Information Act. The app “literally took over his mind and body,” Moorian wrote.

Via a short story I wrote and posted to Medium 29 October 2015:

I’m told I have a lot of physical autonomy for an Uber®. I guess it costs less for everyone in processing power that way — though I honestly don’t mind being over-written either. I find it relaxing, like watching a film. In fact, we’re allowed to watch films during over-write sessions, but I prefer to maintain perceptuals, at least peripherally, and pipe in classic rock selections, like Maroon 5 and One Direction.