Californian Republic Interfering With Elections

I will start out by saying “I get it”. Not everyone in California is spoken for by the vocal majority that is found in Hollywood or the Bay Area. But those who are vocal are in the majority in that state.

California is the one state that has had people brashly come out since November and say they intend to secede from the Union. By hook, or by crook, they will go, because the duly elected President of the United States is not their president.

Stop and think with me for a moment then. Let’s say they have gotten or will get their Calexit. What have they been doing for the past few months?


Yes, I meant to yell.

The most blatant race they stuck their nose in on was the sixth district in Georgia. Millions of dollars poured in from California donors to try and push through a Democrat not because he’s qualified, but because President Trump is currently with the Republican Party.

Who’s complaining about Russia?

We have more proof of this than we do of Russia.

Originally published at Opinions and Other Thoughts.