I’m Not A Betting Man…

I’m not a betting man, but I’d be willing to put down money that Donald Trump will exit office either in 2021 or 2025. How do I know that? Every president in the history of this country has done the equivalent of that, save FDR, but he wasn’t legally bound. Everyone seems to think he is setting himself up as a king, a despot, or a fascist dictator.

First of all, the people that are claiming parallels to the rise of Hitler are reaching. I personally believe those reaches are irresponsible. Hitler joined the government, worked his way up, and was eventually named chancellor before he took over Germany. He did this with the backing of his very own political party who had their very own secret police. They spread their propaganda and terrorized the country.

Trump, on the other hand, is a carnival barker. He is a promoter. He will say whatever he needs to say to keep himself in the limelight. If the Republicans had been able to put forward someone else that rivaled the same message that Trump had, then Trump would have had competition during the primary season. Instead, the Republican Party was so busy trying to distance themselves from this loudmouth…until the convention and Trump won the nomination.

The people that back Trump backed him because of his message. While I did not anticipate his message being so inflammatory, the core of what he was saying was something I predicted four years ago. There is archive footage at Fox10 in Phoenix to prove I predicted it. I said he would look at the country from a business standpoint. He’d want to get the business of being the USA back in line. Despite how much of a loudmouth he has been, he’s already been trying to get those new priorities pressed to everyone. In fact, I don’t recall a president-elect doing this much before taking office. Is he doing other questionable things? Yes. But he has not wavered from who he is.

Some are citing that he’s already going back on campaign promises. Guys, he’s a politician. Remember “No New Taxes”? The country voted out Bush 41 because that promise was broken.

If you go back and read about every man that was responsible for running this country at any point during its history, you will find that none of them were perfect. None of them were even close to perfect. The only difference then to now? Instant information. But our country has not collapsed with these very human guys at the helm. That is because the balance of power built in to our government at its inception continues to keep those in power honest when it matters most.

Did I vote for Trump? No.

But the hallmark of this country is we go about our business after the fight is done. So let’s get back to the business of being the USA.

Originally published at Opinions and Other Thoughts.