Why Was Trump A Surprise?

Ok, this is a short one. There really is not much to this. So many people blame pollsters for telling us Donald Trump will not win that they call his win the biggest surprise of the decade. Do NOT blame the pollsters.

Blame the news media. A very clear line in the sand was drawn this election cycle. There are journalists. Then there are those that provide commentary.

I remember working in journalism. One of the espoused no-nos of the business was taking a side…ESPECIALLY in politics. You report. The viewers decide what to think for themselves.

A lot of outfits abandoned that principle this year. The one that was most widely talked about was Huffington Post. They openly declared that Trump’s campaign belonged in the entertainment section.

They (the media) made it seem like Clinton was the only valid choice in the race. They were successful in getting many Republicans who voted for Trump to think that as well.

I will say this right now… No matter what you are involved in, ANYTHING is a possibility until something happens.

Originally published at Opinions and Other Thoughts.