I have done my research and all the facts we do know point to the distinct possibility that a lot…
Louis Weeks

As with most conspiracy theories, there are too many moving parts and too many actors for it to possibly go on undetected on anything resembling a large scale. You’ve got the media supposedly orchestrating a widespread campaign to scare illegals to the polls, when latinos who can legally vote but don’t are the true low-hanging fruit. You’ve got massive numbers of illegals with remarkably detailed voter registration info about their fraudulent SSNs supposedly jumping through several hoops to register to cast an effectively meaningless vote with nobody noticing or spilling the beans. You’ve got presumably thousands of local, state and federal election officials supposedly turning a blind eye to all of this because reasons. And all of this is happening in a deep blue state where all illegals voting for democrats would not change the outcome. It just defies disbelief. You can hide behind this merely being your opinion, but you are accusing a lot of people of a lot of wrongdoing with zero evidence to support your claims, and you are undermining public confidence in our electoral process as a result. I’m done listening to your fantasies, present some real evidence or be ignored.

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