I proved my point, and now you are dodging it, typical.
Louis Weeks

Read this slowly and see if you can absorb it. Trump repeatedly made an undeniable association between Mexicans and rapists, most likely as dog-whistle boner fuel for nativist xenophobes. There’s no need for the media to embellish it. I get it, your binary brain deals mostly in absolutes. In your mind he must have either said all Mexicans or no Mexicans. However, those of us with critical thinking ability recognize that the media can talk about how terrible it is that a presidential candidate unfairly associated the Mexican people with rape without inferring that he said the words “all Mexicans”. He made the connection. He planted the seed. Blaming the people who were pointing that out is beyond ridiculous. Why the F did Trump say that? What was the purpose? It was not a casual thing, he said it over and over and never apologized. He could have stated the truth, that there are probably about as many rapists in Mexico as in the US and that the vast majority of people who come here are simply looking for a better life, but instead he wanted to push the notion that Mexico has such a rape epidemic that it is spreading to the US. They’re coming for our white women!!! That is how gullible you are. You not only believe it, you breathlessly defend it. What an absolute rube.

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