I don’t think that conservatives care about LGBT status one way or another.
Dallas Dunlap

Substitute “same-sex marriage” with “interracial marriage” or “secular marriage” and see if you still think that way. To your larger point, no business is forced to incorporate. Artisans are free to make their offerings in a completely private setting. Businesses which do choose to incorporate are asking the government (and thus the taxpayers) for special privileges such as limited liability, special tax status, special access to public infrastructure, special bankruptcy protections, etc. In return for these privileges, the government requires that these businesses follow certain rules including those prohibiting discrimination. Further, being that it’s a contract between the business and the taxpayers, ALL taxpayers…excluding certain taxpayers from public offerings based on discriminatory criteria is a violation of both the letter and spirit of that contract. Not to mention that if the taxpayers are made to, as you suggest, extend the privileges of incorporation to businesses which discriminate, they are complicit in that discrimination. That would conceivably make LGBT people complicit in discrimination against themselves. Most people who have thought this through find that scenario unacceptable. You may object to religious folk having to choose between their public business interests and their private religious interests, but I think it’s disingenuous to suggest that anyone in the government is forcing them to do so. It was their choice to initiate the aforementioned contract with the taxpayers and they are free to end it at any time.

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