If you’re called to creative work, this book may be the best you will ever read.

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I have the creative bug.

To varying degrees, I’ve always had the desire to write. I wrote about my life of flirtations with prose in My One Word for 2020: Write.

Now I really have it. In 2018 I published 28 blog posts, and in 2019 I wrote 41. This year, I’m committed to writing at least 78.

Some people ask me how I find the time. The answer is a combination of getting up at 4:30 in the morning on most school days…

In 2019 I became a Master of Education. Here’s where I’m headed next.

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In 2018 I argued that if New Year’s resolutions have never worked for you, you’re probably doing them wrong. If you don’t have time to read my case for goal-setting, I’ll simply say this.

There is power in numbers.

Also, knock it off with the hate for goals, already.

Listen, if you can’t quantify the goal, it doesn’t have much of a chance of realization. …

The alternative is much, much worse.

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Vibrant democracies are never neat and tidy, especially in election cycles.

They’re scrappy, intense, and obnoxious. Despite the best intentions of good people with seemingly unshakeable scruples, the fights for power can get downright nasty.

As accusations flare, scandals mount, and conspiracies reach a fever pitch, the clash of ideologies becomes a roar. It comes as no great surprise when citizens tire of the din.

I’ve heard lately from people who are done with the fighting. The social media mudslinging. The attack ads. The grandstanding. The baby kissing. The partisanship. The op-ed headlines. …

It’s not heaven, and it’s not hell. It’s a weird and inescapable space in between.

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Fatherhood has always been the dream.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a dad. To hear “Daddy” come from a little voice in my direction. To brush away a little person’s tears and hug them tightly. To feel a little hand hold my pinkie as I read a bedtime story.

I don’t think about those desires every waking moment, largely because my life is pretty amazing and there are a ton of other things I celebrate on a daily basis.

Learn from my mistakes to gain the most from your thesis or dissertation experience.

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It’s only been a few weeks since I completed my Master’s thesis, and I’m still riding an emotional wave of relief. Although the research was valuable and the learning was rich, it feels incredibly good to be finished. It’s a chapter closed and a professional goal realized.

As I look back on my thesis work, I know that I made the journey a lot more difficult than it needed to be. …

My iPhone 8 spent hours in the ocean … and somehow, it still works fine.

Are iPhones waterproof?

Like you, I’ve been hearing they are — or at least that they’re water-resistant — ever since Apple removed the headphone jack from its phones in 2016.

At the time, I found the move annoying. No longer would I have the opportunity to listen and charge at the same time. Apple was forcing me toward wireless earbuds, headphones, and chargers. I didn’t like it.

But as of Saturday night, I see the headphone jack move in an entirely different light, because my…

The fact of death is unsettling. Yet there is no other way to live.

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I recently finished When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi. It was a gift I received from Paolo de Armas — a brilliant thinker and writer in his own right. It was a thoughtful gesture, and I am grateful.

This is a powerful book.

It was written by a neurosurgeon nearing the middle of his life and the peak of his profession … who received the worst news possible.

Just like so many patients he had treated in years of training and practice, he developed an…

I’m hardly ever interested in movies anymore, even when I try to be. What’s my problem?

“I’ve become a movie grump,” I said apologetically to my wife the other day.

We had been talking about going on a movie double date with friends. But I was struggling with the selections available.

I mean, I’m all for a good movie. I believe in the power of story and dramatic performances to stir the human heart and capture the essentials of life in ways that no tongue or pen can ever convey.

I really enjoyed A Star is Born. That was the…

For the summer of 2019, I’ve set the goal of taking my stepsons into the Great Outdoors virtually every weekday. There are many good reasons to do this, including connections with nature, exposure to beauty, worship of our Creator, lowered cortisol levels, and quality time spent together.

But the biggest win? Making sure they (and I) depart from the digital and savour the analog for at least a few hours each day.

Sure, the boys actually DO have a checklist of chores and creative activities that they must complete each day before they can begin their gaming, messaging, and YouTubing…

Gas prices in BC are breaking North American records, and that’s a good thing.

I live in Greater Vancouver, where the spring months of 2019 saw gasoline prices increase to new all-time highs for North America.

Pump prices continue to fluctuate, but I’ve seen and paid as much as $1.72 CAD/litre. At current exchange rates, that amounts to $4.84 USD/gallon, or roughly $1.50 USD more per gallon than neighboring Seattle.

Yes, we’re paying a lot.

Taxes and Shortages

Why are prices so high here in the Vancouver area? It seems to boil down to two things, principally: high regional fuel taxes and long-term…

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