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cpsl+ Originals — Modern Hip Packs for Everyday Wear

Tim Chau
Tim Chau
Oct 11, 2018 · 3 min read

1. Brand Name

I came upon the term “capsule” for several reasons. The definition of capsule made sense: a small case to hold your essential items. It also reminded me of Capsule Corp. from the Dragon Ball anime series I watched as a kid. Capsule Corp. was a ubiquitous company that make highly technological pill-sized capsules that always contained something useful, anything from hover-bikes to spacecrafts.

Another thing that drew me towards the name were time capsules and the idea of timelessness. As a matter of fact, in fashion a capsule collection is a popular term for a few essential items of clothing that transcends seasons and trends by being functional.

Next, I explored unique ways to express “capsule”.

  • Different spellings: Capsul, Capsol, Capsoul
  • Adding a suffix: Capsol pk., capsol+ originals. “originals” stands for casual fashion as opposed to sportswear, being yourself an original
  • Finalized name: cpsl+ originals (long form), cpsl+ カプセル (simplified form). The abbreviation into “cpsl” was inspired by various modern brands such as: dsptch, wandrd, mnml, nbhd. The Japanese Kanji says “capsule”.

2. Design Aesthetic

  • Now that I had a name, I now needed a logo that would also work as an apparel label for our fanny packs.
  • Logo/Label Design: Modern, typography based, sans serif, kanji (Japanese inspired streetwear, jiu jitsu, anime), easily identifiable, versatile applications. After researching different brands, I took inspiration from Superdry, Adidas, and Newaza Apparel brands. I settled on a logo that uses simple type and an eye-catching brand color that could easily be distinguished on a fanny pack.
  • Photographic style: Streetwear inspired, green/nature cues, outdoor active lifestyle.

3. Brand Identity

Once the label design was finalized I sent it to the manufacturer to begin making the fanny packs. While that was happening, I begin work on developing the website along with brand and content (everything including taking photos, coming up with taglines, and pushing pixels).

In order to do this, I had to ask the right questions like: Who is this product for?, Why do they need the product?, and What emotions do I want to arise when seeing the brand?

  • Who?: Those with active lifestyles that want a fanny pack that doesn’t look like something your mom wore in the 80’s or 90's.
  • Why do they need it?: A solution for carry your things while keeping your hands free.
  • Emotions to evoke: Modern, cool, counterculture

Once I had a solid grasp of what I wanted to create with the brand, the rest of the pieces just fit into place and something that started as an idea in my head came into fruition as a living product and brand.

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