Wonder Woman -you have my attention, and no… not for that reason.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a red blooded male and she is a superpowered woman fighting crime (and proto-Nazi’s) in little more than a greek netball skirt and corset. However, Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman wasn’t compelling for that reason.

It wasn’t the popcorn that would replace my dinner for the night.

Or the 2nd Popcorn, replacing dessert.

It wasn’t that DC is finally starting to find it’s legs in the cinematic universe business (actually- that may be part of it, but read on.)

It certainly wasn’t that I was sitting beside my wife, the literal embodiemnt of Wonder Woman at the movie theatre — though, again it may have been a contributing factor.

It was something more.

It was hope.

Wonderous hope.

Wide-eyed optimism, that looked so close to naiivity.

That kind of hope.

Unlike a dark, brooding Batman, a vigilante who deals in his own brand of justice to cope with the death of his family, or Superman who is made so impotent by self doubt and (again) moodiness and brooding, Wonder Woman stands alone.

She hasn’t given up on humanity, whilst all the influencers in her life have. She hasn’t decided to stay out of it, or brood about the toil on herself and others.

She steps out of the trench, because something needs to be done. She never lost the belief that a greater evil was at work behind the great evil of humanity. She consistently sought redemption — not for herself , but for others. She believed it possible.

We should too.

Behind the great evil of broken humanity lies a great evil.

That great evil already lies beneath the heel of a much Greater Good.