The World became Frankenstein #Frankenstein200

Life, one of the most pure forms of beauty in our existence. Without it, much of what we know would not exist. Differing from existence and life itself, living had a way of being difficult and trying at times. Many have searched for a secret to life, although through each theory of what the secret may be and the attempt to find it, the secret remains ever-elusive.

Two hundred years had passed since Victor Frankenstein was confident he had found the elusive secret. At the time, he was fueled by desire and frantically molded together a being from limbs of the dead. Although successful in bringing his creation to life, it was horrifying to see such a grotesque sight. He had meant for so much more, but in the end, he spent the rest of his days hunting, determined to kill the monster he made. Eventually it would be the death of Victor.

The conundrum to the mystery, is that everything always happens perfectly. Intentions never mattered to physics, desire never mattered to medicine, and pain was not an issue for the forces it cannot see. The way the pieces seem to always seamlessly fit in the end, always happened the only way possible. It would be a miracle if it were planned and a nightmare if it was not. There is a single grain of truth to life, and that is that life is already perfect, no matter the desires of man.

Mason was nothing but the great-great-great-grandchild of the genius man, Victor Frankenstein. Although a blood relative, Mason was not a remarkable man in any sense and nobody would believe the two were in anyway related. He decided it was time to show the world that he too, wasn’t a do-nothing, but also an infinitely wise man. He would show the world the secret to life, just as Victor had intended to show. Except Mason’s secret would contain no monstrosity, for he knew the secret to life was more delicate than surgery: the language of which the secret was spoken, could not be heard.

As any philosopher would, Mason liked to explore ideas within a theory. The idea he had was delicate beyond the intricacies of a knife, and so pure that to understand the true meaning, every soul in the world would need to perceive the idea in the rawest form. Any part that frayed and became misunderstood, would simply blow away with the wind. The string of thought could not unravel, or else his plan would fail.

It seemed impossible to make everyone understand, especially since it was believed by most that Mason was only an incompetent recluse. He had heard all of the insults, by all types of people. Phonetically they were different, but the ideas were all the same depth of shallow. It didn’t matter what language one thought in, it mattered what pieces of information sparked an idea.

Zoning out, peering towards the couch, looking around the lamp and past the bookcase, he began to realize something that he had never before seen: the room was full of ideas. Ideas mixed with physical elements that had carefully finessed their way into all the corners of his home. They never once asked permission, and barely cared what he thought. These inventions had evolved from problems into thoughts, and from thoughts into items. They were as much of a surprise to their creators, as they were to their consumers. Suddenly everything clicked. His plan was an idea, which would not need words to be heard, or something physical to be touched. Rather, something closer to the problem, an idea… a thought.

Time was running out to save the world from itself. It was no secret that the world needed peace, but the secret was how peace would be found. Some ideas included love, but love is often isolated and selfish. Another idea was war, but no matter how much negativity was suppressed, there was never peace after violence. Although these both are broad notions, they were far too biased. Not everyone loved, and certainly not everyone wanted war, so he was certain that neither would ever fully captivate the world.

He wondered what medium would be the best to spread an idea across the world, having little power and no money, the options were limited. The only possible solution would be the internet, but even so, some corners couldn’t be reached. But he realized those corners wouldn’t matter, for they were much closer to peace.

Mason would have to spread his idea in the form of a virus or maybe an ad, although they were debatably the same thing. Except everybody hates those he thought. Which led him to find his next best idea- a viral video. However, every video was about something, and not everyone liked any one particular thing. So, it would have to be about nothing, not include any words, sounds, or even pictures. He would need to make a video that was overwhelmingly popular, and content-free. It sounded insane, but he knew he couldn’t let it stop him.
 “Hmm,” he mumbled, as his voice made a vibration that allowed the answer to slip into his mind. His video would need to be quieter than a mumble, yet maybe something as silent as a vibration could trigger original thought.

Mason knew vibrations were everywhere already. In fact, matter surrounding everyone was made from vibrations of energy, and the geometric patterns they created could be seen each day. Even things that aren’t observed on a day to day basis still happen. The Earth travels thousands of miles an hour at any given time, and at night we see light that has traveled for millions of years to reach us. Unbelievable phenomenon is always happening, yet these experiences are rarely noted.

Perhaps all he needed to do was to shift the world’s attention of its trivial pursuits, to the deepest message we could ever hear. Mason believed that the secret to life was found through peace.

It took months of research and explaining to learn what the vibration to trigger one to act peacefully would be. First, he had to understand it as energy in its natural form, second as a moment between energies to allow for a transition, then third as a physical vibration that triggered pure thought. Soon, he recreated the vibration, recorded it, and uploaded it anonymously to the internet.

In the description, he added every word in every language as a tag. With each word as a tag, it wouldn’t matter what people searched for on the internet, because the video would show up and gain popularity, and soon it would always show up first. With each passing second he was sure that his newly found secret to life, was the most pure way for the earth to know peace.

Slowly the video gained popularity, although there was nothing there. Whenever someone watched it, they would ask, “what is this video? There’s nothing there.” Yet there was something there, like the way that every nothing has a something. The unknown substance it contained was addicting: an energy vibration that stirred the viewer’s mind with the deepest message there was to know, in no particular tone or language. The message was more subtle than differing rain in springtime, or the flash of green light from the sun as it sets on the horizon. The message of peace would soon be known around the world, and the brainwaves of those whom experienced it, would not wish to act anyway else.

Nobody would know why the video was changing the world, but it was. Mason sat back and watched as the incompetent recluse, never saying a word, and smiling bigger and bigger as the view count grew. Slowly the world began to change around him, and the secret to life, was proving itself true. The news became less negative, the Middle-East started to calm down, and all of the easily offended, started to get along.

It seemed for a moment that the world had found peace. Without all the name calling, finger pointing, and self-defense, an unparalleled flexibility was beginning to take shape. The new chapter of Earth was vast and rich, forgiving and fulfilling. Children could play anywhere they wished, and adults could finally agree. Fears were destroyed as the evil in the darkness slowly faded away, while the dreamers finally awoke, because reality was where they chose to be.

Then all of a sudden, there was an issue. It was a strange, curious, and confusing, issue. It turns out that not everyone’s idea of peace was the same, because sometimes our words have more than one meaning. Some people thought that peace meant to do nothing, while others thought it meant to work more. Some thought peace was through anarchy, and a government should be thrown out in whole. The fighters thought it meant to stop problems before they started, while the unconditional lovers never saw a problem. The comedians thought it was laughter, and the soldiers thought it was seriousness, because after all, it provided the best security. In the end there were always waves, yet not everyone liked to swim. Never were the ideas of peace the same.

Quickly the world fell apart, falling to each side of the common ground. The people of Earth pointed their fingers, wanting each other to fall down. Some looked for solutions, but only found pain. The secret to life no longer seemed to help, because everyone forgot the peace part of our extremes.

Everything became scrambled as Mason looked at his hands, terrified of what he created. The world had fallen in chaos before him, and the fault was his, all alone. For a moment it seemed his life’s work was the answer: a pure and clear message that spoke of truth.

Forever, the reddish-orange sparks of imagination that ignite and grow into flames would die out with blackened coals, ash, and darkness. Nobody would ever know the secret to life, because the second a rule was known, the theme of the game would change. Elusive, stealthy, infinite and dangerous, a true mystery was always the same.

Mason knew that perhaps it would have been better to leave the mysteries alone. Now the fire had grown and raged, and soon darkness would be here. The monster he had made would be hunting soon: slipping between the silences to make him disappear.

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