Cyberbullying — Why it’s such a serious problem

Many kids and parents still believe that cyberbullying is a trivial problem, but studies from show that more than half of teens have experienced cyberbullying and more than half of teens have engaged in cyberbullying. Parents need to take cyberbullying seriously, since it has the potential to cause serious damage to both the bully and the bullied.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying involves harassing, threatening or stalking an individual using technology, such as with the Internet or a smartphone. With more people spending time online or on electronic devices, incidents of cyberbullying continue to grow. Cyberbullying comes in many forms and may include:

  • Stealing an individual’s account information to log into their account, sending damaging messages
  • Sending threats or mean messages to an individual’s cellphone or email account
  • Spreading rumors on social media sites or through text messages
  • Posting unsavory or false information about another individual
  • Sending messages that are harassing
  • Posting doctored or private pictures of another individual
  • Posting another individual’s personal information
  • Encouraging others on the Internet to bully an individual
  • Impersonating an individual to gain trust
  • Circulating sexually suggestive messages or pictures about an individual

Reasons why cyberbullying is a serious problem

Many parents write off cyberbullying as trivial because they believe that little damage can be done online. However, cyberbullying can be even more serious than in-person bullying. Kids and teens being bullied online have a difficult time getting away from bullies, since cyberbullying can occur at any time of day or night. Home is generally considered a safe place where kids can escape bullying, but cyberbullying follows victims home.

Cyberbullying is often more difficult to stop, since it’s often hard to discover who is behind it. This type of bullying may be particularly damaging because it can have long-term effects. Videos, photos, and online lies can stay on the Internet forever. Cyberbullying images or messages can reach a wide audience very quickly, increasing the damage done to the individual. According to, kids who are bullied online are more likely to:

  • Experience bullying in person
  • Use drugs and alcohol
  • Deal with low self-esteem
  • Skip school
  • Perform poorly in school
  • Deal with more health problems

Warning signs your teen could be cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can have serious consequences, so it’s important to address this problem quickly. If you think your teen could be a cyberbully, here are some warning signs to watch out for:

  • Your teen becomes angry when he can’t use his cellphone or computer
  • Your teen alters the photos of others
  • Your teen will not talk about what he does on his cellphone or computer
  • Your teen regularly minimizes the computer screen when you enter the room
  • Your teen uses the computer regularly with many peers
  • Your teen has multiple online accounts
  • Your teen is always using a cellphone or computer
  • Your teen will not allow you to view his messages
  • Your teen wants privacy when using the computer

Long-term effects of being a bully

Cyberbullying doesn’t just hurt the person being bullied. Being a bully also comes with some serious long-term effects. Some are used to getting what they want; they don’t master important life skills such as working together with others or the ability to negotiate or compromise. A cyberbully is more likely to end up with a criminal record, and studies show that 60 percent of boys who were bullies in middle school are convicted of a minimum of one crime by the time they turn 24. Bullies often have a difficult time making friends, they have an increased risk for drug and alcohol abuse and they usually have poor grades. As bullies grow up, they are more likely to abuse their partners and children.

If you think your teen is a cyberbully, don’t overlook this problem. This type of behavior can hurt your teen and many others. Schools for troubled boys, such as White River Academy, may be able to help your teen by treating the underlying behavioral health issues that result in bullying. Your teen needs help, and we offer one of the best therapeutic boarding schools, ensuring your teen is provided with the proper treatment.

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