The Decline

The BBC is a respected institution, revered the world over. Is it though?

It seems they rarely put a step right a lot of the time.

£147 per household per year is the current cost of a TV licence and is essentially a tax paid for owning a TV. That might be a small price to pay for watching four channels with no adverts, unless you count their own adverts — an advert for a book, DVD, mug or t-shirt associated with a programme is still an advert.

The BBC rakes in £3.6 billion a year from TV licences and the question is where is this money spent? Along with 91 executives who reportedly earn more than the Prime Minister — 91 executives who surely can’t all be necessary — there is the matter that so much BBC “talent” earns exorbitant amounts for doing relatively little, which was revealed in a recently-published list.

There are currently around 25 million TV licence-holders in the UK and 15,306 of these licences pay the annual salary of Chris Evans, a man who was successful 20 years ago for ripping off ideas he’d seen on the David Letterman Show and now hosts a relatively playing-it-safe breakfast radio show. A further 12,244 pay the colossal salary of crisp salesman Gary Lineker to talk about football for an hour or so every Saturday night with a decent holiday in the summer. A huge slap in the face is the allegation that several of the BBC’s high earners are involved in legal-but-morally-dubious tax avoidance schemes.

What this list did expose, however, was the gender pay-gap at the BBC, a pay-gap which many people have repeatedly said does not exist. This means that either women will have to be paid more or, as is more likely because there isn’t a limitless amount of cash, that men will have to be paid less. If the publication of this list leads to wage equality then that has to be a good thing.

But the real issue is whether the BBC are justified in paying as much as £2,000,000 to any individual who presents a TV or radio show. Are they the actual talent or is it the producers, sound crew, camera crew and writers who make the real magic happen?

The BBC revealed that a typical camera operator’s salary is around £34,000, which isn’t bad at all, but it has to be demoralising standing in a studio filming someone who earns almost 60 times as much as they do and take all the credit for a show’s eventual success.

And on the subject of gender, while women might not be paid as much, the BBC have attempted to put women in some more prominent roles. The Doctor (never Doctor Who) is now a woman and it’s about time. But it seems for many that while an alien time traveller who can regenerate is totally believable, the Doctor being a woman is a step too far. Along with the recent Ghostbusters reboot with an all-female cast there are people claiming that their childhoods are now ruined. If Ghostbusters and Doctor Who were the main foundations of your childhood then perhaps you need to have a long, hard look at how dull your life is. And if you weren’t in the audience of Top of the Pops in the 70s or 80s it’s unlikely the BBC in any way ruined your childhood.

Some people’s problem is that BBC isn’t British enough. There’s too much tokenism and inclusion of “ethnic types” in their eyes and then there’s further outrage when someone who “tells it like it is” can’t get away with numerous racial slurs and punching people because he’s hungry and gets the sack, probably due to political correctness enforced by snowflake libtards.

And then that alt-right Infowars arsehole got upset about a black Roman in a BBC kids’ programme and spent two days arguing with people on Twitter that the Roman Empire wasn’t culturally diverse as actual historians and archaeologists debunked his theory. Why was someone who “triggers” and “red pills” virtue signalling leftists watching kids’ TV anyway? Draw your own conclusion here.

These ridiculous examples point to the assumed fact that the BBC are using a PC agenda to wreck British values and destroy our culture. What is British culture anyway? Hatred and racism are two of the most popular activities and any attempt to erode these traditions can’t be seen as anything other than a step forward.

And of course there’s the BBC’s now infamous Left Wing Bias. Yep, they’re so biased towards the left that political editor Laura Kuenssberg did her best to completely discredit Jeremy Corbyn in any way possible in the run up to the General Election. So biased in fact that any mass protest against the Conservative government goes uncovered. But they’re anti-Brexit and that proves it. No it doesn’t. The BBC aren’t anti-Brexit, they’re covering it honestly. Just because there’s nothing positive to report, mainly due to the government’s ineptitude and lack of foresight, is no fault of the BBC. It’s pretty difficult to cover a story of being shat on from a great height in any kind of positive way. Also, if they were anti-Brexit it would not indicate a bias to the left as the Labour Party have openly said they support Brexit, but not being full of positivity for Brexit is now apparently “unpatriotic” according to some Conservatives and members of the not-racist-at-all-honest Proud Boys.

And studies have shown that if anything there is a right wing bias to the BBC’s coverage (read here if you don’t believe me).

The BBC is a bit of a mess, but it still makes great programmes, right? Maybe not. Top Gear has been left in the dust by its former presenters’ new show, The Grand Tour, and ratings are now as low as 2.8 million on average for the show now hosted by someone famous for saying “How you doin’?” Amazon meanwhile are more than content to spend £4.5 per episode on the new show and allow motormouth Clarkson and his buddies to say whatever they want.

Miranda and Mrs Brown’s Boys are now the Corporation’s greatest comedy offerings. Fawlty Towers or Terry and June they ain’t, but were those shows ever that great really? Nostalgia has a way of playing tricks on the mind.

The BBC might not be perfect, but then again what is? Britain certainly isn’t and it’s only getting worse, but it might just be the British people who are more of a problem. Their insatiable appetite for airhead-based reality shows, meaningless, throwaway fly on the wall documentaries about benefit cheats and scraping-the-barrel talent searches has seen programming sink to its dimmest level in history and everything has been dumbed down as far as it possibly can be. This explains why the likes of Nick Grimshaw have any kind of career.

The world is apparently doomed and therefore so is the BBC and programming in general. Thankfully we won’t be around to see the looks of disbelief on the faces of people in the future when they discover our shit legacy.

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