The Future — A list

Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Cars, trucks, bikes, planes
  • Powered by renewables, bringing costs down
Autonomous Vehicles
  • Cars becoming assets instead of liabilities
  • Amount of car parks decreasing
  • Price of services decreasing to a point where buying a car is unnecessary for many people
Artificial intelligence
  • Mass unemployment as machines take majority of repetitive jobs
  • Creative/care industries surviving longest
  • Universal Basic Income implementation becoming necessary
  • After a rough period of adjustment, people adapting to the new world, happiness increases as people spend more time doing things they love as money becomes less of an object
  • Cryptocurrencies decreasing need for banks à this is only the start
  • Decreasing need for centralisation of many industries, power being returned to artists, entrepreneurs, electorate
  • Hard to predict, would be like predicting Social Media in 1990
Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Products like Google Glass (RIP) becoming mainstream
  • Going from talking to our houses/rooms/devices to simply seeing the information we want in front of our eyes
  • Input we can get from our eyes is much greater than the input from our ears, so this is a natural progression
  • Would this spell the end of screens? Perhaps
Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Disclaimer: I’m not a gamer, so I don’t understand this topic well
  • As games have progressed, they have become more and more realistic, immersive
  • It seems the next step is VR, and with AI will eventually become indistinguishable from reality
  • This will bring more and more people into the gaming space, which now might be more accurately described as an “experience space”
  • Escapism in the form of experiences in VR will become prevalent
Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Everything is connected, voice commands become normal (they already are)
  • Hacking becomes more of a threat, if cryptography can’t keep up
  • Products that hook into a secure home-wide system may become popular if confidence in data/home security becomes frayed
Space Travel
  • First to Moon, Mars, then beyond
  • Spawning entire industries, again hard to predict
  • Something to get the whole world excited about