If Progressives Don’t Wake Up To How Awful Obama Was, Their Movement Will Fail
Caitlin Johnstone

Obama was not an angel. As presidents go, he was naive and didn’t develop the requisite sophistication to govern effectively for 2, maybe 4 years. He was unduly influenced by both Wall St. and Big Pharma. The trend of their influence increased in administrations leading up to Obama’s and may be most extreme now, under Trump’s so-called administration. Journalists present the relationship between administrations and big business, especially finance, as a simple moral choice. It is not, and the failure of the media to discuss the reasons why it is not is a huge failure indeed. It is equally disingenuous to criticize taking a large speaking fee as improper after one has given up the ability to conduct, guide or influence the business of government and has nothing nefarious to gain by it. The only way to contradict this would be to prove that the fee is somehow a payoff, but you must needs have better than Trumpian proof of such a claim.

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