⚓️ My Experience with Anchor. Spoiler Alert: It’s been so good. ⚓️

Gary Vaynerchuk told me to download Anchor a while back and I did. I do what Gary tells me to do.

I played around with the app and was really intrigued.

In July, Anchor released a feature where you can LEGIT PODCAST FROM YOUR 📱. I’ve been posting like crazy ever since.

PS here’s my podcast

And by posting, I mean the following:

Creating Segments

Which turn into episodes

and commenting on segments, calling-in to other stations, being interviewed for a sports podcast (I don’t know a thing about sports. I talked about food and air freshener), and singing.

I do a lot of singing.

So much singing

The anchor team has answered question after question and released feature after feature. Not only can you post a podcast straight from your phone, you can post videos with your words transcribed automagically.

Video Transcription

I mean, you’ll need to edit the transcript if you don’t properly annunciate, but it’s seriously magic so it’s your own fault if there’s a mistake.


Sick features aside, the best thing about Anchor is the people. The Anchor team is literally 💯🔥. I’ve made lifelong friends and it’s been a little over 30 days. A couple of us have created a back-channel Slack Team to conspire as to how to defeat all the the YouTube stars and get into the top 10.

It’s been a blast. In fact, the only reason I’m writing this post is because Anchor made me do it.

My station, 💯🔥Tim Time🔥💯, is about setting goals and achieving them or documenting the failures. I received a couple call-ins today encouraging me to start a blog along with my Anchor station/podcast. SO I STARTED A BLOG.

Boom. Accomplishment.

So here’s my first post. Fitting that it’s about Anchor. New to Anchor? Here’s a great list of stations to favorite. These people have been super supportive and wildly entertaining:


The Maven’s Top Three

Simon Says 🙏



Yard Sale Singles


Dogorado Radio

Amped Up

Jessie and Music

Kelly Noble Mirabella

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