We made it. July 17th is the last day of the school year so as of this week, Code Club is out for Summer.

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Since our first practice session on 26th March, 25 Redgaters from right across the business have delivered over 1500 hours of learning.

We’ve had students from 20 countries (all the way from Brazil to Japan), and recordings of the classes for students that coudn’t attend live have racked up another few thousand views.

Feedback from parents has been universally lovely, and we get more and more comments each week. Here are a few of my favourites:

- Thank you for doing these! …

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We’re currently running a high rate of research calls in my teams. A 45 minute conversation and follow up session every day is about normal for the last quarter. The frequency has allowed me to focus on something I’ve wanted to improve about my own practice for some time.

Research calls are for learning, not for pitching my product.

The theme of our current calls is around on-boarding and value awareness. It’s a perfect topic to force myself to avoid the pitch because every single day a customer will:

  • Describe something in the product they’ve…

The output of the sprint demo is the customer value delivered, but the goal of the session is very different.

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Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash

I’ve been on teams that demo every sprint, teams that demo if they have something they think stakeholders will care about, and some that don’t demo at all.

I’ve come to realise that the value in the demo is not the opportunity to update stakeholders. It’s the contribution it makes to the health of the team.

Here are a series of ways that the demo helps assess and improve team health.

Sprint demos prove we’re regularly shipping value

There are other more formal ways to keep track, but if a team is demoing we’re delivering value every time. …


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Product Managementing @redgate. Can also be found parenting / cycling / cricketing / allotmenting.

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