Two Topics

I have two minor things that I wanted to share this week.


Let me preface this by saying that I’m currently using a pretty old MacBook Air at the moment. It’s over three years old, and pretty long in the tooth. Even a simple Google Hangout taxes my computer like no one’s business. I mention this about my computer because it’s widely known that Atom is considerably slower to launch than Sublime. But even though I do value performance, I’ve made the switch to Atom.

Here’s a few reasons why.

  1. Hope. While Atom is still very slow to launch, I have great expectations that this performance will be optimized. Every release gets a little bit faster. Minds way further along in the CS journey that me are working on this all the time, down to the millisecond. I also hope that once I’ve started by new career as a Software Engineer, I’ll be able to use a more state-of-the-art machine. So performance issues with launching Atom will become less and less relevant over time.
  2. Guilt. Every fifth time you tell Sublime to save a file, it prompts you to purchase it. I find this pop up message to be super annoying — to the point where I’ve had a credit card in hand struggling with the notion to purchase the product. Earlier on in my Hack Reactor jorney, I said that Sublime was the first thing that I’ll purchase when I get my new job. But I just couldn’t wait anymore, nor did I have $70 laying around for something Atom did for free. That dialog box I saw multiple times every day as I code probably took more time to close than the one slow launch for Atom at the start of the day.
  3. Extensibility. Atom is written on the Electron platform, which means very shortly, I’ll have the chops to write my own packages for it in CoffeeScript. I haven’t found a good bracket matcher for Atom like there was for Sublime so I think I’ll like to contribute that if I have the opportunity. It’ll be nice to give back to the program that I spend so much of my day in.

Everything else about Sublime and Atom are a wash. They both look great and have the ability to customize the look with themes. They both have good linting support, and there’s no issues with Git or Floobits with either program. So, because of this, I stand with Atom.

Class Rank

The other, completely on the other end of the spectrum topic I wanted to write about, was where I feel I stand in comparison with my peers in the class. While there’s not way to officially quantify it, I feel like I’m I’m pretty lowly ranked in my cohort’s class rankings.

I’m thirteen years out of going to school and I feel it every day. Topics seem to take longer to sink it to my mind than they do for my peers. I know I shouldn’t feel it, but I feel like I’m holding my partner back in pair programing. There are members of my class that have Masters Degrees, Juris Doctorates and with other amazing academic credentials. It’s a pretty impressive group that I’m surrounded by. For others, they have CS backgrounds and are using Hack Reactor as a means just to learn another programing language.

I’m supposed to feel good that I have the opportunity to learn from such amazing minds all around me, and I do feel that to some extent. But I also feel inferior at times as well. It’s just something that I will need to continue to combat. This path towards programing enlightenment is filled with distractions such as this. I just need to continue to push forward, devote every available brain cell to absorbing as much as I can, and type one line of code at a time until it all makes sense.

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